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What is cryotherapy‭? ‬

‭Cryotherapy has proven to be a reliable and effective freezing method for the treatment of for example hand and foot warts‭, ‬skin‭ ‬tags and water warts‭. ‬‬Freezing warts removes them resulting in‭ ‬new‭, ‬fresh skin‭. ‬Treatment will only take a few seconds‭. ‬Within a few days a scab will be formed‭. ‬This is the start of the healing process‭.‬

‬The healing process will take between 1‭ ‬and 2‭ ‬weeks‭. ‬Smooth‭, ‬pink skin will be revealed once the scab has fallen off‭. ‬Protect your skin from the sun during the healing process by applying‭ ‬sunscreen to new skin for a period of 4‭ ‬weeks following treatment‭.

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Does using Wart Freeze hurt?

Using Wart Freeze is less painful than regular freezing methods, as it gradually freezes warts. You may experience slight discomfort or a tingling sensation during or just after treatment. This sensation will gradually disappear.

What is the best way to care for the area treated?

Do not damage the skin treated and protect blisters using the protective plasters provided. Do not pierce them and make sure the area remains clean.

Can I use Wart Freeze on babies and children?

Wart Freeze may be used on children aged 4 and over. The skin of children under 4 years of age is still too sensitive and delicate to be treated with cryotherapy. This age limit is also recommended by the medical field.

How should I store Wart Freeze?

Wart Freeze’s shelf life is 2 years. Please store at a maximum temperature of 25°C and do not expose to temperatures over 50°C.
The aerosol dispenser is pressurized.

  • Do not pierce or burn after use
  • Do not place in direct sunlight
  • Do not spray towards a flame or heated object
  • Keep out of the reach of children

How often will I need to repeat the treatment with Wart Freeze?

In most cases you will only need to apply Wart Freeze once. This is the case for the treatment of common hand and foot warts. You can repeat the treatment on stubborn warts after 2 weeks. Do not treat the wart more than 4 times (with a 2 week wait between treatments).

Treated warts will not return. Please contact your doctor if the treatment does not seem to be effective.

Can I get the treated area wet?

You can wash your hands and feet, shower and swim after treatment has been completed.

Will Wart Freeze leave a scar?

If you follow the instructions closely, you will not be left with a scar.

When not to use Wart Freeze

  • On children under 4 years of age
  • People with diabetes or circulation problems
  • On infected or irritated skin
  • If you are pregnant or breast feeding
  • On skin conditions which may not be warts
  • On your face, neck, genital warts or on moles
  • On dark patches of skin (with or without hairs)
  • In combination with other wart treatments